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Hi there,

Hello, I’m Rainie - and I’m so happy to meet you!


I grew up in Southeast Idaho surrounded by all the family, cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents - SO MUCH FAMILY!  The many family gatherings, holidays, and celebrations together greatly shaped who I am today.  After graduating from college I moved from Idaho to Houston, TX! Homesickness quickly set in and I realized it was up to me to form connections and create opportunities for gatherings.  I loved turning my first home into a gathering place, a place to welcome in new friends, have the neighbors over and make family visitors from out of town feel comfortable - I loved creating a space that made all those who enter  want to stay awhile.  


Five kids later - yes five, our family planted roots in Dallas, TX. I began working as a stager.  This was where I first gained the mantra that it didn’t matter the size of your home or your design style,  every home can be beautiful!  With happy staging clients I transitioned into redesigning and remodeling.  My super skill is designing homes that are functional for families, practical, simple, comfortable spaces that work for all ages.  Homes that are really “lived” in, homes where life can really happen.  It’s such a privilege to be invited into your homes and share my skills and  knowledge to transform your space into one where you love to invite others in as well.  


I’m a creative and a dreamer who married a business minded engineer.  We think we make a pretty good dream team and it was collaborating on both of our strengths that brought Styled By Rainie to life!  So while my face is on your screen and I’m in your home, Chris is behind the scenes keeping the littlest details tidy and organized.  When you work with us - you get the benefits we both bring to the table.

 Family Function Fun


5 kids ages 6-22 has taught me a thing or two about creatively designing spaces to appeal to all!  The teenagers don’t want to have their friends over to hang out by the play kitchen and puppet theater, and my elementary school daughter doesn't’ want to invite her friends over to a home where nothing is allowed to be touched - it’s a fine line, a tightrope you might say, and I’ve perfected how to walk it.


Homes have a purpose, what do you want yours to be?   Creatively coming up with solutions for spaces that can serve multiple purposes is so fun for me! The flow and form of a home is a key component to simplified living and I love helping people achieve just that. 


To me fun is so closely related to family.  Every family has a story and it’s so fun to incorporate that into the design.  Religion, culture, family history, and past experiences make up who we are - and it’s fun to dwell in a place that is “ours”  in every way. 

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