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Sariah Lloyd

Styled by Rainie is an exceptional interior design and party planning company.  Rainie has a keen sense of style and can create beautiful, unique spaces that reflect her client’s personalities and preferences. She has an intuitive eye for what works well together and has a knack for making any space look and feel beautiful and inviting.  Her attention to detail and passion for creating Instagram-worthy settings set her apart. She made our dull office space look inviting with unique art and seating!
Rainie knows how to throw a good party when it comes to parties.  She is so easy to talk with and is full of ideas.  I have been blown away by her help with graduation parties, baby showers, and even children’s birthdays – she does it all!  Her parties are always fun and lively, focusing on creating a memorable experience for everyone.  Overall, Rainie is a top-notch gal that specializes in creating beautiful, fun, and memorable experiences – and is my go-to gal when I need a room refresh or have an upcoming party!
Give her a look - INSTAGRAM: @styledbyrainie

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